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What do I wear?  We want you to feel comfortable when at a workshop.  We also want you to dress appropriately for the workshop and the weather.  So here are some tips.

If the course is one where you will be working with power tools, gardening tools or something remotely mechanical during the day our recommendation will be to come in clothes that you may see a tradie wear.  Sturdy workpants (jeans will do just fine), preferable non-slip workboots (steel capped is always a good idea) but blundstones are ok, so are a pair of runners or gumboots (if working outside in the garden).  Your shirts and jumpers shouldn’t be too loose as we don’t want loose items getting caught up in any power tools.

You may also want to consider that in plastering and painting courses that you or your clothes may get paint stains and marks on them, so please think twice about what clothes you consider wearing as HGA cannot be held responsible for paint marks etc. on your nice clothes.  At the end of the day common sense and good clothes selection before you attend is important.  If you have any questions regarding this please call us and seek some advice.

If it’s cold – wear extra layers and clothes to keep you warm.  If it’s hot remember sunscreen, hat and sunglasses etc.

Do I need to have any experience in DIY?  Absolutely not.

What we are hoping for is that our students will have in common a willingness to look, listen, participate and importantly give things a go.  The classes are designed to be hands-on with limited worksheets.  We know and appreciate that information and knowledge is generally very easy to find these days.  Let’s face it, if you are reading this then you probably quite adept at using a search engine and have googled, binged, youtubed and yahooed your way around various sites learning how to fix drips, hang pictures and decide on paint colours. 

This is a hands-on course.  I would rather you pick up and learn how to handle powertools, play with ropes (and make amazing knots) and practise all day long.  If needed we can refer to documentation, worksheets and the internet during the day.  This is about having the ability to try, make mistakes and try again in the safety of a small workshop with others who are looking for the same things.

But if you have experience you are also more than welcome to attend and join our classes too.

Do I need a car and a trailer?  The trailer, tyres and tying down course is really designed for students who are starting to get serious about getting their own trailer (or perhaps have access to one).  This means that the car that you should have a tow ball already fitted on it. 

You will need to bring your own car (with a tow ball connection) to this session and be able to use the HGA Trailer on the day.  The reason being is that we want you to be familiar with changing the tyres on your own car, removing the spare wheel from your car and locating and learning how to use the carjack as provided by the manufacturer.  

Do I need to bring my own tools?  You are more than welcome to bring your own hand tools, power tools or your whipper-snipper.  Not only are the courses about you becoming familiar with new tools and trying power tools that may have previously scared the pants off you; but it’s about renewing your familiarity with tools that you went out and purchased or inherited. 

Maintaining nutrition throughout the day… At HGA we know that food is important (when is it not important?) and my mother always said that when you have guests at your house (or workshed) there should always be something to eat and share with them.  That is why at HGA we provide a morning tea and lunch as part of the full day program.  However, a few doors down from the workshed is Eclectic Café and several other local cafes if you want something more.  A fridge and microwave will also be available onsite if you prefer to bring your own.

Please fill in the dietary parts of the course form if you have any special food requirements that we need to be aware of when we are preparing food for the day.

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