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Property Maintenance

Call a Handy Girl to help keep your home in order.
Property Maintenance Services Australia

Finally a team of women who can clean your home inside and out!

We take pride in being able to make things look and function better.  We love being handy and fixing or tightening things that are broken or need adjusting.  We also understand the importance of having women ‘on the job’ and working with you.  No more being worried about safety and security and feeling embarrassed, threatened or judged.

Because no one should ever lose their bond again.

We specialise in vacate or end-of-lease clean and property fixes so that you can concentrate on moving into your new house.

We fix properties

We make bathrooms and kitchens sparkle

We can remove rubbish

We fix messy gardens and yards and do it fast

Flyscreen replacement

Door handles and latches

Are you ready to sell your home in top condition?

So you’re looking at selling your home and getting the best price that you can.  

Paint touch ups

Attention to property fixtures

Yard and shed tidy ups

Curtain and blind fixups

Tightening those loose fittings