Want your house and garden to shine and support women in the workforce? You’ve come to the right place.

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Handy Girl Australia takes pride in supporting people to maintain their homes, properties and rentals.  We proudly employ women – mothers, sisters, grandmothers, retired teachers, nurses, whiote-collar workers.  We are that serious about being able to employ and support women, that we were granted a VCAT Exemption that supports our ability to exclusively employ women.  We just love seeing our team looking after the needs of our clients without the stress of insurance or assurance.  Building confidence is the backbone of our company and that includes yours.  So if we can help you we will.

Maintain your home without breaking the budget

Helping you to clean and disinfect your home

Helping you to get your rental bond back faster

Helping you to have the best garden in the street

We fix ugly bathrooms and do it fast

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