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“We build confidence”

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What make us unique? Be BOLD. Do IT!

Handy Girl Australia offers home improvement (DIY) services and a specialist school experience.  The team also offers advice and support to clients who are seeking to be DIY (do it yourself) type people around the home, shed, rental property or garden patch.

Home Improvement Services

Women like things done right the first time!  Needless to say being ripped off by Tradies is not high on the list of things to happen as the cost of re-work just makes renovating a nightmare experience for some.  We understand that money should be spent wisely and not on projects that go overtime or over budget.

Our specialist Home Improvement Services believe in doing the job right the first time; on time and on budget.


Our small, personalised workshops are generally tailor-made to suit the clients needs.  We receive emails from clients saying how they want to be more confident building, fixing and creating home improvement projects around their house and how they want to be role-models for their children - not just in traditional home-economic type things (you know what we mean).
Workshops help you to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Create a new story or chapter in your book of life
  • To practise all those things that you would google/YouTube because it's hands-on
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Build, fix and create things with your own hands!

Handy Girl Productions

This is an exciting new division of the Company that are working hard to bring Handy Girl TV to you.  We know that information is important, and ideally information that is real, timely and presented in a way that doesn't appear like an unattainable renovation ​-type show or idealises how much real-time goes into making that new kitchen renovation look like it happened over a couple of days. We are working on this currently and we hope to have our first release near the end of the year.  Your support is invaluable and we hope that you appreciate the sense of joy we have in bringing you Australia's first DIY renovation and building TV Show that really does inspire you to get up and do things - and laugh along the way.

So what’s stopping you?

See you in the workshop or at your home renovation site.

About Us

Home Maintenance Specialists.
“We build confidence”

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